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HM.1 Fine Lawn Grass Seed Mix

40% Chewings Fescue

40% Slender Creeping Red Fescue

20% Browntop Bent


5kg - Covers up to; 140 m2 (new sowings), 200 m2 (oversowings)
10kg - Covers up to; 280 m2 (new sowings), 400 m2 (oversowings)

HM.1 Fine Lawn Grass Seed Mix

  • Why Buy this product?

    • Ultimate short, dense and fine turf grass seed mix
    • Ideal for lawn enthusiasts, croquet lawns and bowling greens
    • Uses the finest and most prestigious grass species
    • Fantastic visual merit and appearance 
    • Can be cut very low (down to 3mm - requires regular cutting to tolerate this)
    • Can be striped up and prepared to the highest standards
    • Low maintenance (slower growth and less cutting will be required, as the sward does not include ryegrass)
    • Ideal for low amounts of traffic
    • Requires a fine, firm seedbed and soil temperatures of 12+ degrees for germination
    • Optimum pH is 5-6, but can grow outside of this
    • Grows in a wide range of soils
    • Seed is Defra approved and to the highest purity, germination and quality (HVS were possible)
    • Use our lawn seed growing guide for best results and grass seed calculator for sowing rates